PREXOS SERIES 6-144 (435-460 Wp)

PV Modules

Solar panels are a great way of generating energy from the sun. But those sunbeams do not always come from one direction. Wouldn’t it be great if our solar panels could capture these diffused beams and result in high power density and satisfying your solar power needs?
The upcoming Somera P-Duplex Half-cell 144 with the M6 Cell panel has got many advantages when used in C&I and large-scale utility projects.

Significant advantages in Solar Projects*
-14.5% reduction in the number of modules;
-12% reduction in land requirement;
-15.3% savings in cables
-16% savings in the use of combiners

*Advantages of M6 cell module over M2 cell module
^Commercial availability from Q3, 2020.


  • Excellent anti-staining performance of the back sheet requires significantly less cleaning frequency of the rear side of the module, leading to reduction in water usage
  • Up to 15% power gain from the ground facing side
  • Effective gain of 1% of cell active area by using cylindrical tabbing wire
  • Better Tolerance to Micro Crack as higher number of busbar makes the PV modules less prone to loss in efficiency due to micro-cracks
  • Improved field reliability due to multiple contact points on the cell
  • Light weight- easy to install bifacial module with increased robustness
  • Higher lifetime yield by using transparent Dupont® backsheet


Spec Sheet
Prexos Series 6-144 (Bifacial- GTB, with M6 cell)
(435-460 Wp)