High-Efficiency modules with M6 type of cells & in Multi Busbar

With the world clearly moving towards green energy adoption to not just solve the energy crisis but also to uphold the climate commitments, it is the perfect time for innovation to take a lead in bringing sustainable changes for all. In this scenario, our new Series 6 Mono & Bifacial modules with M6 type of Mono PERC cells and Multi Bus Bar to serve as a perfect component to facilitate a faster shift from traditional to a much more technologically advanced solar solution for India and the world.

We are proud to be the 1st Tier 1* Indian manufacturer to introduce M6 cell-based and Mono PERC technology-supported advanced M6 modules- ‘Series 6’ in the country & globally. The Monofacial version of the Series 6 multi-busbar (MBB) modules will be called Somera Series 6 and the Bifacial version will be known as Prexos Series 6.

Our Series 6 modules come in 120, 144 & 156 cell versions. The 120 cell version modules, available in All Black variant also, ranges from 340Wp-375Wp offer 19.84% to 20.22% efficiency and focused towards the US Residential market & also to the EU/ROW market. While the 144 cell version modules ranging from 435Wp-465Wp offering up to 20.91% efficiency and 156 cell version modules ranging from 475Wp-505Wp offering up to 21.02%efficiency are meant for the global audience, including India, US, EU & ROW.

Significant Advantages in Solar Projects, Cost Savings at every major stage/major component^:

  • About 9.09% reduction in the number of modules;
  • About 12% reduction on land requirement;
  • About 12.82% cost savings on cables;
  • About 15% cost savings on the use of String Combiner Boxes;
  • About 12.50% cost savings on Civil works;
  • About 4.5% cost savings on Module Mounting Structure;
  • About 10.20% reduction in the O&M cost

^Advantages of M6 cell module over G1 cell module

Variants of the Series 6


prexos series 6 (156 cell)



prexos series 6 (144 cell)



Somera series 6 (156 cell)



Somera series 6 (144 cell)



Somera series 6 (120 cell)



Somera series 6 (120 cell)
all Black